lunes, 16 de marzo de 2015

Get more from Capital One

Do you want to get more from Capital One?

I will explain what I found are key factors for getting more benefits in your Capital One credit card. Of course I am not a millionaire, I am a customer like any other but I like to keep track of everything.

Make them lose money.. Do you want Capital One really care about you? If the answer is yes, what you need to do is to a make them lose money and also, just pretend you do not really need that card in particular..

Let´s say you are approved for a credit line of $1000. What you are going to do is to use about 35% or 40% of your credit line and then pay ALWAYS in full by your due date.

If you do that, first: you are making Capital One lose money since they are sending you cards, letters, statements etc at no charge and you are NOT paying any interest. Second, you are pretending to not to care about using your credit line.

Since they are not making money, they will start sending you offers of every kind to make you use your credit line at a point where you can not pay in full (and pay interest). They may do things like:

  • Activate rewards on your account.
  • Increase the credit line proactively.
  • Send you checks to have you use your credit line.
  • Activate Balance Transfer offers with temporary low interest. 
  • Lower your APR
  • Waive membership fees. etc.
Do this for a while, at least 6 months. Then give them a call periodically to check what features your account has available.


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